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Paul Browne

LDK Healthcare – the company

LDK Healthcare is a private company, headed up by Managing Director Paul Browne, a veteran in the retirement living and aged care industry with over 20 years industry experience.  LDK is backed by Cromwell Property Group (ASX:CMW), a real estate investor and manager included in the S&P/ASX200, through a 50:50 joint venture. As at 31 December 2017, Cromwell had a market capitalisation of $2.0 billion with total Assets Under Management of $11.2 billion across Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Meet the leadership team behind LDK Healthcare

  • Byron Cannon

    Chief Executive Officer

    Byron Cannon is the key driver behind LDK Healthcare. As the Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for the day to day management of the business making decisions on all matters affecting operations, performance and strategy of the organisation. Byron worked with Paul Browne, for many years as his lawyer, when Paul ran his previous retirement living and aged care businesses. He shares Paul’s passion for developing a retirement living and aged care model that treats both residents and staff alike, with Love, Decency and Kindness.

  • Amanda Kidd

    Chief Operations Officer

    Amanda has an extensive background in law and through working with Paul Browne in his previous aged care businesses in a legal capacity, has come to know and admire his vision to create something worthy of senior Australians. As Chief Operations Officer, Amanda oversees the care governance of our villages to deliver a safe and secure environment and robust care governance framework.

Meet the board behind LDK Healthcare

  • Paul Browne

    Director, LDK Healthcare

    Over the last 20 years, Paul has focused on development and management of supported living environments for older Australians to live out their final years with loving care and support. Paul has always had one priority above all others, while creating senior communities – his residents. They are at the heart of his enduring determination to revolutionise the retirement living and aged care industry for the benefit of all older Australians.

  • Steve Browne

    Director, LDK Healthcare

    Prior to LDK Healthcare, Steve held several senior management roles in the aged care industry for over a decade, including Operations Manager of Seasons Aged Care and General Manager of Sales & Marketing at Freedom Aged Care. He shares the same passion as his father, Paul Browne, to revolutionise retirement and aged care living for the benefit of all senior Australians.

  • Rob Percy

    Director, LDK Healthcare

    Rob Percy as a director of LDK Healthcare, holds a Master of Science (University of Glasgow 1994 -1998) and has more than 19 years of financial services and property experience in some of the world’s leading firms in the UK and Australia. Rob joined Cromwell in January 2012 after a long association with the group starting in mid-2006 and is now their Chief Investment Officer.

Want to join our team?

If you think you have what it takes to join the LDK Family, we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for genuine people across all industries who genuinely believe that all senior Australians should be treated with love, decency and kindness

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